Tone of voice workshop

Bringing a new tone of voice alive for your people is never easy. It’s about releasing your team’s creativity as well as ensuring your brand’s consistency. We’ll help you find ways to strike the right balance in this bespoke session.

Sample course outline

  • What is tone of voice?
  • Why it’s important
  • Your voice under the spotlight
  • Bringing your voice to life in different channels
  • Stress-testing your voice in social media
  • Balancing consistency with creativity
  • Managing your tone of voice effectively
  • A tone of voice toolkit

Leave behinds

  • Handout, including course exercises and examples
  • Style guide
  • Course slides


  • Understanding tone of voice – how successful brands and high-profile personalities choose their words carefully
  • Speaking your language – spotting off-brand passages and phrases
  • Room for creativity – devising a web banner in your tone of voice


Following the course, your team will:

  • Understand what tone of voice is and why it’s important
  • See how voice can be applied across every channel
  • Be able to balance different elements of writing: tone of voice, usability and SEO
  • Feel confident to champion tone of voice in person and on paper and screen
  • Be able to start creating a library of best practice writing examples

We also run

  • Tone of voice workouts (90 minutes)
  • Tone of voice workshops (Full days)

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